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Fun Facts of AE Auto Plus 2014

As we look forward to the future, it’s fun to reflect back and see what has come through our doors.

The oldest vehicle we had this year was a 1935 Oldsmobile convertible coup. Back in those days, cars only had a 15 digit VIN. The runner up was a 47 Packard.

Our youngest vehicles were 2015, a Subaru Forester and a Mazda 6. We had 12- 2014.

Our most exotic was an ’87 Ferrari.

In alphabetical order we worked on the following:
Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Mitsubishi, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, Porsches, Saab, Saturn, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo
AE Auto Challenge: Which make of vehicle, did we work on most in 2014? Post in comments

Our strangest repair and/or diagnoses:
A squirrel that ate the wiring harness 3 times!!! He didn’t want to leave his house and someone kept putting wires in the way. When customer parked his vehicle outside and not in the garage that finally deterred the squirrel…wasn’t as warm and cosy as before.

Wires eaten by squirrel.

Wires eaten by squirrel.

The Guardians of the Garbage Bin, when the lid wasn’t closed:

Guardians of the Garbage Bin

Guardians of the Garbage Bin

It’s been a great year! Happy New Year! Safe and Happy Driving for 2015!

Do I Need to Switch to Winter Tires in the Fall?

If you live in Canada, the answer is a resounding yes!

80% of the accidents are caused by 20% of the drivers who don’t have winter tires in cold weather. Winter tires are mandatory by law in Quebec and to be honest, I wish Ontario would enforce the same rule. Winter tires increase safety which is why we provide them on all our loaner vehicles at AE Auto Plus. Did you know that some insurance companies actually give you a 2-5% discount on your insurance rates if you show proof of purchase of winter tires?

Even if you have a flexible schedule that enables you to stay at home when it snows, there’s still value in having winter tires. Although the streets may have been cleared of snow by the time you venture out, driveways and parking lots, while usually plowed, are never as well-travelled as roads and therefore never as clean. Just a bit of snow build up in the parking lot can mean a loss of control of your vehicle.

What’s the difference between winter tires and all season? It’s all in the temperature rating. The rubber of winter tires stay flexible in temperatures below 7 degrees. When the tread stays flexible, there is less build up of snow on the tire and hence better control.

The only exception to the winter tire rule is if you have a brand new car with no mileage and brand new tires. If this is the case, you can go through one winter using your all season tires, but after that, I would highly recommend investing in winter tires. You are also going to save wear and tear on your all season tires and they will last longer.

While winter tires allow you to brake better in winter conditions, they don’t allow you to “drive like you stole it!” You still have to be vigilant, cautious and aware of the conditions because you have no idea where ice can be hiding.

In the spring, it’s important to switch back to your all season tires as the weather warms up. In warmer weather, winter tires are like Frosty the Snowman. When the sun is out and the temperature rises above 7 degrees, the rubber breaks down quickly and you wear down your winter tire investment prematurely.

Stay tuned to the blog for my next tip on tire storage and rims or off rims. In the meantime, safe driving!


Winter storm/ Winter tire – don’t leave home without them!!!!

We are closed Monday, June 30 and Tuesday, July 1st.

Hello Everyone, we can say spring has finally sprung, we have green trees and blooming flowers.  It’s been a long winter and we are glad we can finally feel the warmth of the sun.

With Summer Solstice fast approaching we are fortunate we are a small family run business and can make decisions quickly.  We appreciate the hard work our staff does on the daily basis and are happy when we can give them some extra family time.

We have decided to get a long weekend out of our Canada Day celebration and will be closed from Friday June 27th at 5 pm to Wednesday, July 2nd at 7:30 am.

Our regular hours are Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5 pm.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy Summer and Happy Canada Day!

Andy and Susan Eaton

Spring has Sprung

See we have proof, the Tulips are out to greet you at AE Auto Plus in Thornhill.  Whether you live in Richmond Hill, North York, Markham or Thornhill, it’s time to greet Spring.  This is the best part of automotive repair…taking off those winter tires and putting on those Summer Tires.  Yes a proper 4 wheel alignment is a good idea with the incredible winter we have had.  And remember, we can store your winter tires so you don’t have to lug them in and out and in some cases bring us the wrong ones.  Our tire storage is indoor climate controlled and all tires are properly catalogued.

Tulips at AE Auto Plus in Thornhill

Tulips at AE Auto Plus in Thornhill

Cooling System Service

Cooling Service

Coolant is depleted of buffering ingredients and becomes extremely corrosive, literally eating holes in cooling system components. By-products of corrosion damage, as well as rust and scale, clog the passageways that conduct the water through the radiator and choke off the flow. This may result in an overheated engine that may be damaged beyond repair.

The entire cooling system is first cleaned and then all debris and worn out coolant is completely removed from the system. Then, fresh new premium coolant is added. Conditioners are also included to prevent rust and corrosion and BG Universal Cooling System Sealer is also included to prevent leaks.

Diesel Injection Service

Diesel Injection Service

Deposits accumulate in the entire diesel fuel system, including the fuel lines, injector pump, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. This causes rough idle, vibration at idle, loss of power, decreased mileage, increased smoke, slowed throttle response.

Clean the diesel injection system with a chemical designed to remove deposits. You’ll experience improved throttle response, fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

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Premier Oil Change Service

Premier Oil Change Service

Deposits form in the oil and fuel injectors and combustion chambers over time.

Eliminate the build-up of fuel and oil deposits between oil changes by installing:
• BG MOA®, a premium engine oil additive with deposit inhibitors
• BG CF5™ maintains a clean fuel system by eliminating deposit build-up


Performance Oil Change Service

High engine temperatures caused by heavy stop and go driving conditions lead to thermal breakdown of engine oil. Not all of the oil is removed during a drain and fill oil change. Deposits are left behind and form sludge and varnish in the engine resulting in smoke from the exhaust and increased oil usage.

A BG 9800 tool safely and effectively cleans and removes oxidized particles and fluid contamination left behind from previous oil changes. Install new oil and filter along with BG MOA® to fortify new oil for optimum performance and engine protection. The result will be improved engine compression, increased power and increased fuel economy.

Fuel/Air Induction Service

Deposits accumulate on intake valves, injectors, ports, fuel injectors and combustion chambers causing loss of power, rough idle, hesitation, misfire, pinging, knocking, mileage and hard starting.

• Clean fuel injectors
• Clean throttle body
• Clean plenum and air-intake
• Clean intake valves and ports
• Remove combustion chamber deposits
• Correct balance of fuel and air in system

• Reduced emissions
• Restored horsepower
• Increased fuel economy
• Starts and idles smooth and runs quieter


EGR Service

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is clogged causing loss of power. If neglected a costly repair bill is imminent.

Remove EGR valve and attach a specialized tool at the EGR port, where a carbon-attacking chemical eliminates carbon build-up.