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Bye Bye Co op Student @ AE Auto Plus


   Michael has been working at AE Auto Plus for the last 5 months as a co op student from Thornlea Secondary school.  Last week was his last day.  He saids he’s learn far more then he ever thought he could about cars, repairs, tires and maintenance.  We’ve enjoyed having Michael here in the afternoons, his bright smile could cheer anyone up.  We wish you well in your future endeavours Michael.

AE Auto Plus is Appreciated in the Community



AE Auto Recognized in the Community

AE Auto Recognized in the Community

It’s nice to feel appreciated in the community.  We believe strongly that the youth of today get hands on work experience.  It’s been a priviledge to work with Thornlea Secondary School and their Co op program.

In the community @ AE Auto Plus

AE Auto Plus is that family run business that’s in the community.  We are the local garage that wants to part of the local going ons.  We are very pleased when the Thornlea High School approached us to help with their EOP co op program  (Exploring Opportunities Program).Jonah@aeauto 

We have the pleasure of Jonah coming in the afternoons to our facility.  Jonah is in his 12th year and has his sights set in the Trade Industry.  He is an avid cyclist and has been a wonderful part time addition to our family.

We are very glad to see that this is being run at the high school level and that the kids of today can get some first hand experience of the working world.

Winter Maintenance – Wiper Blades

In bad winter conditions, you can increase the visibility while driving only by changing old wiper blades of your car…  is it time to change them?