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Diesel Injection Service

Diesel Injection Service

Deposits accumulate in the entire diesel fuel system, including the fuel lines, injector pump, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. This causes rough idle, vibration at idle, loss of power, decreased mileage, increased smoke, slowed throttle response.

Clean the diesel injection system with a chemical designed to remove deposits. You’ll experience improved throttle response, fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Let’s help these kids win! Vote Everyday….they get to go Squamish, BC camping!

Hello Everyone, this is a plea from a proud parent, my oldest son, Grade 8 class has put together a 1 min claymation video on a nature and history in Ontario.  it’s part of a national contest…for the first part of the contest, they need votes everyday from people like you.  I have personally watched some of the other videos and you know what….ours is very good, I’m very proud of his class.  Please help them make it one step closer to getting a trip to Squamish, BC for some wonderful outdoor time.

Thank you everyday!  Below is the link and yes if you have more then one email address…use them all!