Climate Control Service

Climate Control Service

Condensation in your vehicle’s air conditioning system promotes fungus, mold and bacterial growth that is blown into the passenger compartment. Add to this nauseating smell the sound of an A/C compressor making a clacking sound due to a depletion of oil.

Clean out the air conditioning lines, evaporator and ventilator and then kill any bacteria mold or fungi. Then, deodorize the entire A/C system and the vehicle’s interior. Finally, after a complete inspection for leaks and wear, our technicians will measure and replenish the oil in the compressor. The air inside your vehicle will be much cleaner and 4 to 5 degrees cooler, thanks to increased efficiency.

Battery Service


Battery Service

Over time corrosion accumulates on the battery posts and terminals to the degree that this build-up begins to drain power from the battery. That’s one of the reasons battery failure is the #1 culprit for calls made requesting roadside assistance.

A battery cleaner and leak detector is applied after a thorough cleaning and inspection. Anti-corrosion BG Battery Terminal Protectors are installed and the battery posts, terminals and case are sealed.

Headlights and Daytime running lights

This is just a friendly reminder…daytime running light and headlights are not the same thing.  They are two different bulbs or lights on the front of your vehicle.  With the short days now here, we are going to using our headlights a lot more and it is illegal to be driving around with a burnt out headlight.  Yes, you can get a ticket from our friendly police officers.  It does make sense, seeing and being seen is important on our roads at anytime of year.   At AE Auto Plus, in Thornhill, we inspect all your lights every time you come in.  Whether you live in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill or Thornhill come in for a visit and let’s see if all your lights are working.  Some headlights are simple and some not so simple and we do recommend changing them in pairs…cause if one has gone, you are rest assured that the other headlight will go shortly too.

car lights

AE Auto Plus has a new Mascot

Hello, we would like to introduce Kahlua.  We’d like to say she is our greeter, but most of the time she is in Susan’s office having puppy naps.  It is a tough job being a puppy!

Mascot at AE Auto Plus Kahlua at 3 months

Mascot at AE Auto Plus Kahlua at 3 months

AE Auto Plus Summer Car Maintenance

garage shop

cars are flying at AE Auto Plus garage shop

Tune up your car before travelling this summer… AE Auto Plus garage shop is ready for you! #carrepair # carmaintenance




We had visitors today at AE Auto Plus…check out the pic

Geese at AE Auto Plus

Going for a stroll at AE Auto Plus

Mama and Papa were going for a stroll with 6 babies.  They stopped in to see if we could start training the young-lings in customer service, but we couldn’t speak geese.  This Ma and Pa pair come in the this area every year.

AE Auto Plus it’s a great place to visit!

AE Auto Plus – Auto Repair Shop in Thornhill

auto shop Thornhill

AE Auto Plus auto shop

AE Auto Plus – Auto Repair Shop in Thornhill – Spring Clean Up for your car is in the air?

Auto Repair Shop in Thornhill – AE AUto Plus


Winter storm/ Winter tire – don’t leave home without them!!!!

At AE Auto Plus, the auto repair shop in Thornhill, winter tires is our business. However you have to put them before the snow storm.



The Right Auto Mechanics in Thornhill Garage – AE Auto Plus


Ae Auto Plus Thornhill garage

AE Auto Plus, the garage in Thornhill has the right auto mechanics team to take care of your vehicle.

Bye Bye Co op Student @ AE Auto Plus


   Michael has been working at AE Auto Plus for the last 5 months as a co op student from Thornlea Secondary school.  Last week was his last day.  He saids he’s learn far more then he ever thought he could about cars, repairs, tires and maintenance.  We’ve enjoyed having Michael here in the afternoons, his bright smile could cheer anyone up.  We wish you well in your future endeavours Michael.